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  • Ivana Perkovic

Ivana Perkovic F.A.Q.

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Who is Ivana Perkovic? Well this and other are the frequently asked questions about who I am and what I do exactly are answered on this page. Subscribe to the mailing list to keep in touch (will seriously never, ever, spam you).

Ivana Perkovic

Q Where are you from?

A I am born in former Yugoslavia. Mom is Serbian, Dad is Bosnian. During the '90's war we came to the Netherlands and I got Dutch nationality. I've lived in Amsterdam for 8 years but lost my heart to India. Since 2018 I'm based in Bangalore. See this video for my refugee story

Q What camera do you film with and what editing software do you use?

- Sound recorder (for echoey and crowded places)

- I edit on Final Cut Pro X

Q: Where is your music from?

A: All my music is from EpidemicSound

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Q Why do you love India so much?

A Watch this video and this one:

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