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  • Ivana Perkovic

What's Bangalore really like? Netherlands foreigner in India

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Bangalore: This is a Netherlands foreigner in India experience

Having lived in Bangalore for already 3 years, I see many people having misconceptions about this city. Even I had many prejudices about Bangalore while travelling India. People who even lived in bangalore themselves kept telling me it's nothing special and I shouldn't bother with the city, unless I needed to go through it for a transfer. Well my experience of living here is completely different and I've really come to love Bangalore. You can see the full experience of me as a Netherlands foreigner in India in the vlog, but for the sake of time saving here's a summary of the 5 main things I love about Bangalore.

Ivana Perkovic

1 Bangalore is a central hub in India

The ideal location of Bangalore allows you to easily travel all across India. Reaching North india, as well as reaching South India is very convenient from Bangalore. But Bangalore is not juts a great port for travel in India. There are many international flights, which make international travel very easy. there's a direct link to San Francisco, Bangkok but also Amsterdam where I'm from. As an avid traveller I appreciate that so much about Bangalore.

2 Bangalore is the hipster capital of India

There's a lot to be said about the food and drinks options in Bangalore. The local entrepreneurs are super ambitious and love trying out new things and introducing us to new cuisines. If you're a fitness freak and love healthy food then you'll love the fact that even on Swiggy (the Indian food delivery app) you can find not just one keto option, but plenty. Not just keto but plenty of other healthy foot options as well. Bangaloreans love trying new things first, an attitude which is incredibly inspiring and makes life in Bangalore very fun.

3 Bangalore is the start up capital of India

The hunger for innovation and striving to build new solutions can be felt all throughout the city. As an entrepreneur myself it didn't take long for me to get involved into a start up myself. I am a business consultant for the amazing company Sainikpod. Some give Bangalore the nickname of "Silicon Valley of India", but I think by now Bangalore has really earned a name for itself. If you are an entrepreneur or love start up culture Bangalore is the place to be in India.

4 Bangalore is extremely rich in Karnataka heritage.

Most people don't even scratch the surface of Bangalore because they don't know where and what to look for in the city. But when you dig a bit deeper and look more closer you'll find so much rich Karnataka heritage in Bangalore. Bangalore Palace is so worth visiting and the classic eatery Vidhyarthi Bhavan has Bangalore families coming back for their weekend breakfast for sometimes multiple decades. Also the local language Kannada is worth mentioning as it truly warms any Bangaloreans heart if you can at least say ila (no) and houdou (yes). Spend a bit more time and you'll discover a lot of heritage in Bangalore.

Ivana Perkovic

5 Bangalore weather is unrivaled

Not just in India, but in the world. Bangalore has some of the most moderate climates you'll be able to find anywhere. Most of the time it's 27-28 degrees celsius. Only during April-June will the temperatures rise above 30 degrees. During the monsoon the temperatures also don't go below 21 degrees so it's always pleasant to be outdoors. Something that we do a lot in Bangalore because there are many parks and gardens to spend that time outdoor. If you haven't taken a walk through Cubbon Park, you really haven't been to Bangalore.

If this article helped you get a better perspective of Bangalore, go ahead and share it with people who need to know how lovely Bangalore really is. The city deserves to be known and explored more.

As a local I feel incredibly humbled and grateful to be able to call Bangalore my home. If you're also a local, feel free to comment recommendations and other information people should know about Bangalore.


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