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About Ivana 

From Refugee...

In 1993 a civil war broke out in my birth country former Yugoslavia. My family left as refugees and after many years gained Dutch Nationality in the Netherlands. After a career in communications, I decided to start my own business traveling, creating content around the world, and showing the life of a foreigner in India.

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to an international perspective shifter

The purpose of my content is to inspire the leaders of tomorrow with tolerance for things or people who are different from them. 190.000+ combined followers across all social media platforms follow me for a fresh perspective on the world. Travel, food but also a multidimensional view on many cultures in the world leave my followers inspired to expand their own possibilities. I also share my experiences living as a foreigner in India and share my experiences with Indian food, culture, and traditions.

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What to expect?

I'm available for content consulting with an international perspective, storytelling workshops, and public speaking. For more information or a preview please head over to the work with me page.  


Also, you can watch my YouTube videos here or follow me on Instagram here

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