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  • Ivana Perkovic

India travel secret: Kahani Paradise in Gokarna, Karnataka

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

In all my years of India travel, I've seen quite some gems of places to stay. However this India travel secret took my breath away, the moment I entered the gate. Welcome to Kahani Paradise, the 6 room villa estate in the spiritual quaint beach town Gokarna on the shores of the Indian State Karnataka.

Why is this an India travel secret?

Kahani Paradise only opened its doors to the public in 2018. Having only 6 rooms (more about that next) the capacity is extremely limited. However if you do manage to make a booking be sure that your access to this India travel secret will be well worth it.

Ivana Perkovic

Why the rooms on their own are worth calling this an India travel secret

The rooms are one of the most original, aesthetically pleasing, spaces I have seen in all my (more that 7) years of full time travel. Indian heritage can be found in every corner and in the smallest details. Take the enormous bed of the Peacock Suite, where we stayed. The head board is made of intricate wood carvings in typical India heritage style. Next to the best tthere is a bed side table, which is a wooden chest with gorgeous heritage paintings. But what makes the rooms particularly aesthetically pleasing is the mis with modern design. The bathroom sinks are made from a hollowed out stone and there is a designer mirror on the vanity table. The balance is so perfect that whatever room you get, you can be assured your eyes will be extremely pleased. However don’t just stay in the rooms, because there’s so much more to discover at this India travel secret.

Ivana Perkovic

What are the activities at this India travel secret?

Just like the rooms and the whole concept of Kahani Paradise, the activities are also exceptional. Opt for the sunset drinks at the secret spot and enjoy a marvelous sight with your love in the private pool. Take a boat ride to discover the beaches of Gokarna on the shore of the Indian State Karnataka. If you’re in the mood for something extremely exclusive opt for the private dinner spot overlooking the estate stepwell. There are more than enough beautiful activities to make the memories of a lifetime. But even just stepping out and exploring the estate might be enough to satisfy your adventurous spirit.

Ivana Perkovic

Get lost in the wide estate staying at this India travel secret

The villa part is only a small part of the enormous ground of the Kahani Paradise private estate. Take the buggy and head over to the cricket or tennis grounds. There’s also a private ancient temple of the locals. Not to mention the numerous exotic fruit trees. Ever seen an actual cashew nut fruit? Along with starfruit, jackfruit and mango you will find them all on the estate of Kahani Paradise. So how to get to this India travel secret?

Ivana Perkovic

How to get to Kahani Paradise and how to book an Indian travel secret room

Kahani Paradise can be reached from Bangalore by car. It’s approximately a 9 hour drive. The alternative, that we chose, is the option to fly to Goa Airport and then take a 3 hour drive through scenic Goa. For bookings please email Kahani Paradise directly on

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